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Sports Premium Funding

Planned Spending - Sports Premium Funding 2018-2019

Sports Premium Funding will be £17,000

Core Aims 2018-2019

  • To continue to provide free access to sports coaching for all pupils during the school day- especially our most vulnerable pupils.
  • To continue to provide play leaders and coaches during lunchtimes and after school clubs.
  • To ensure that staff continue to access high quality training through involvement with Sports Coaches.
  • To maintain a safe play environment and high quality sports resources particular to the needs of our pupils
  • To continue to nurture talent and signpost pupils to local clubs, liaise with the feeder Junior School and provide alternative sporting opportunities adapting to the needs of the pupils.

How will we do this?

  • Continue to buy into Sports Partnership Training and Coaching. Provide release time for our P.E coordinator and continue to fund additional coaching through 54⁰ Sport for all classes. Including EYFS in the Summer Term. (£6000)
  • Purchase new gymnastics leotards (£350)
  • Build a new outdoor store for the EYFS physical play Giant Blocks. (£250)
  • Fund the high quality Cricket Coaching linked to Penrith Cricket Club “Chance to Shine” (£1000)
  • Fund transport for sporting events including the gymnastic competitions, multi-skills and Basic Moves. (£400)
  • Fund a Sports Coach /Play and Activity Leader to work for 2hrs each lunchtime and at our general after school club to provide sporting activities that can be accessed by all pupils. The coach will be able to provide advice and ideas to other colleagues that they are working with. (£9000)

The impact of this Sports Premium funding will be reviewed at the end of the year.


Actual Impact of Sports Premium Funding 2017-18

Details of the impact of sports coaching- experienced by over 185 pupils, increased access to sports activities and involvement in local competitions nurturing talent are detailed below:

Free access to sports coaching for all pupils during the school day.

High quality sports coaching has been on offer for all year groups from Nursery to Year 2 throughout the school year. This has been tailored to the needs and talents of specific year groups and has always been cross curricular when possible. Pupils have experienced football, cricket, hockey, dodgeball, fencing, and various other team games. They have also accessed dance, Bikeability in Year 1 and even Scooter Training in Year 2. Staff members have also worked alongside these coaches receiving high quality training throughout the year. These sporting opportunities have also been offered over lunchtime periods to all pupils through the use of skilled play leaders and sports coaches offering structured games such as cricket and football. The impact of this has been that every pupil has accessed high quality physical activity.

High quality coaching which nurtures talent and provides exciting new opportunities to take part in physical activity.

The high quality of coaching provided has built on previous skills. Children have been taught by familiar coaches over a period of time, from one year group to the next. Due to this detailed knowledge of the pupils talents and skills there is a high level of achievement during coaching sessions. This has been commented on by our coaches and by the feeder Junior School which has a high quality sporting reputation within our community. Our school sports days both EYFS and KS1 were a huge success and a celebration of children’s sporting achievement at the end of the year. KS1 children used the field at St Catherine’s school and had the added benefit of input from their Sports coaches for the afternoon.

The 2017-2018 Year 2 cohort had a high level of severe SEND pupils who struggled to engage in some of the more traditional, competitive sports sessions. In order to increase this groups’ engagement in physical activity in a purposeful and structured way we funded a Forest Schools programme for the whole year group.

This projected nurtured the particular skills, interests and talents of these SEND pupils whilst developing their teamwork, cooperation and collaboration skills which had been barriers to their participation in the traditional sports coaching sessions. Once these skills had been improved it allowed the SEND pupils to feel more comfortable and achieve greater participation in the team games.

The KS1 Scooter Training and Bikeability sessions also offered an alternative sporting activity which certainly nurtured talent and revealed a few super stars for the future! It also had a positive impact on increasing the number of pupils biking /scooting to school rather than coming in the car.

Again the impact of the above has been that every child has had an opportunity to show their talents at whatever level alongside increasing the amount of physical activity that they engage in.

Maintain a safe play environment and high quality sports resources.

All relevant inspections were carried out in order to ensure the safety of school equipment. New gymnastics mats were purchased and used to deliver gymnastics sessions in all year groups. The new mats have Velcro fastening and have allowed a more flexible approach to equipment organisation, which has had a good impact on sporting skills in all year groups. Outside equipment has been maintained e.g. outdoor storage, basketball hoops and the purchasing of new outdoor resources has continued to have a good impact on the quality of sporting opportunities offered during P.E sessions and over playtimes/lunchtimes. Sports equipment at Brunswick continues to be accessible and safe.


Sporting opportunities are offered throughout the day at Brunswick through:

  • Staff (teachers, TAs and students) working alongside skilled coaches during structured P.E and coaching sessions.
  • Over lunchtimes and playtimes play leaders and coaches offer structured sports such as football, cricket and team games.
  • At our out of hours Sports Clubs structured coaching sessions are on offer to all children as well as priority places for our most vulnerable pupils. These clubs are offered to KS1 pupils throughout the year and to our EYFS pupils in the summer term.
  • At Brunswick’s After School Club pupils are offered an active session where they have access to bikes, scooters, sporting and outdoor equipment. Again priority places are available for our most vulnerable pupils.

Signposting pupils and nurturing talent.

Again we have won the Eden KS1 Key steps Gymnastics competition.

One pupil commented “That was the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

First winning the Penrith schools round and then going on to win the Eden round we then went on to represent Eden at the County Final. North lakes our feeder junior school also represented Eden and the feedback from past pupils is that their interest and enthusiasm for gymnastics begins at Brunswick! We see many of our past pupils competing in the Key steps competition year after year. In 2017-18 we successfully motivated 24 pupils to sign up for gymnastic classes at the Leisure Centre.

We participated in both the Basic Moves Festival and the Multi-skills festival taking a team to represent Brunswick. Some of our most disadvantaged pupils were able to shine by representing our school in these sporting events. It was a fantastic first experience for the pupils of a competition involving other schools. They will be more prepared for future competitions as they move to the Junior School.

Coaches visiting school have again commented on the talents of particular pupils and we have again worked together to signpost them for further coaching. Good transition procedures with the Junior School has again enabled early identification of talented pupils for teams and clubs e.g. A very talented female footballer and potential gymnasts for their future team. Our links with Penrith Cricket Club have once again enabled talented pupils to be identified and there has been positive feedback about our current pupils attending the club.


Sports Premium Funding 2016-17

Total Funding: £ 8,540.00

Activities Undertaken in  2016-17:

*We provided safety padding for our new goal posts and our PE equipment has all been safety checked.

*We continued to provide high quality, locally provided locallysourced coaching sessions for all year groups but with at least weekly sessions for Year 2 pupils.

*We have renewed some of the outdoor play equipment that was becoming old and worn out. This included replacing the fittings for the canopy over the outdoor play area outside the Reception classrooms and installing new posts. It also included replacing the broken' soft tarmac areas and purchasing new basketball hoops to replace the ones on the walls that had broken.

*Pupils continue to have access to new types of physical activities/sports that relate to our topics e.g. Fencing and Archery. This year they also had a special scooter workshop day in year 2 which fitted in beautifully with the mechanical marvels topic they were studying at the time.

*We continue to pay for Sports Partnership Membership and actively engage in the multi skills, Smart Moves and gymnastic competitions they run.

*We reorganised the PE resources in the hall making them much more accessible and safe.

*We developed a partnership with our lunchtime play leaders and Newton Rigg College involving their PE students working with our pupils at Lunchtimes.

*Mrs Henderson attended training on the new assessment and tracking tool developed by the Sports Partnership to evaluate pupils progress in Physical Activity. We plan to use this to inform our end of year assessments in Summer 2018 following training for all staff being rolled out over the next academic year.

*In 2016 -17 we have offered more coaching and after school clubs than ever before. All age groups benefitted including nursery pupils. 


Actual Impact of Sports Premium Funding 2016-17

Following a full review of the coaching activities experienced by over 200 pupils and the spending of sports funding on various items requiring repair or replacement (see evidence of the 2016-17 Sports Premium Funding's impact listed below):


Safety During Sports /Physical Activity

The new organisation of the hall equipment has kept things tidier and reduced lost time accessing resources. Less replacement items have been required and pupils can now access most items independently and safely.

The repairs to the soft play area and the outdoor canopy has facilitated gross motor  physical / outdoor play especially in EYFS.

Replacement of outdoor storage cupboards have meant that equipment has been stored safely and pupils are still able to access resources independently during playtime.

The soft padding to goal posts has prevented any head bumps.  (NB: none have been reported in first aid logs since installation of pads)


Increased Access

There are more after school sporting clubs running than ever before and demand has increased significantly so that we often have waiting lists.

Our EYFS pupils accessed coaching in the summer and this included Nursery pupils for the first time. We have found that the pupils from our own Nursery who took part in the coaching have shown much greater stamina and resilience when faced with PE in reception. Pupils who are new to our school have required a great deal of support and encouragement from staff to help them develop the confidence they need to join in.

We were delighted with the impact of the lunchtime sports coaching developed in partnership with Newton Rigg. The pupils loved it!  Pupils who would have loved to stay for after school coaching but were unable to get parental consent to do so, could now access it. We also noticed an improvement in behaviour as some of our boys who liked to engage in fighting type role play games such as Ninja Turtles... found themselves drawn to the competitive elements of the sporting activities on offer.So great was the impact we decided to fund a lunchtime session ourselves after the project with Newton Rigg ended.


Nurturing Talent

We have won the Eden Ks1 Gymnastics Championship again this year and we went on to represent Eden at the County Championship.

"I felt very special" - quote from one of the pupils in the gymnastics squad after competing in the final.

We are looking forward to seeing our girls and boys who have now moved on, competing in the future with North Lakes Junior School and Penrith Gym Club.


We have had excellent feedback from lots of professional coaches and we have succesfully managed to signpost pupils and families to clubs and opportunities in the wider community to continue nurturing pupils talent and enthusiasm. 

Penrith Cricket Club have had a successful season and their coach commented on the high percentage of players in their top squads who started playing cricket following initial coaching at Brunswick.

Our Football Coach selected a group of pupils showing particular talent and dedication to be mascots in the local "Big Game". It was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to be inspired by professional players whilst getting recognition for what they have achieved so far.


Pupil Voice (quotes from the pupils!)

Tell me about when the sports coaches come and work with you..

"I like it when the coaches do football at lunchtime we get to play a proper game, we don't annoy each other"

"I'm good at Hockey.. I can dribble it!"

"Can the coaches come to normal after school club and do sports cause I can only stay on Thursdays?"

"I didn't like it cause it was busy and I thought I couldn't do it ... but now I can do it -"

"Mum's taken off my little wheels now... I think Bikeability helped me not fall off so much!"