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Welcome toBrunswick SchoolThe Future Begins Here..

Brunswick Reception Unit

Welcome to Brunswick Reception Unit!


Hello! Our reception unit is made up of two classes, Busy Bees and Dazzling Dragonflies.


Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants work as a close team with the children across the reception unit providing help and support in all areas of the curriculum.


At lunch times midday supervisors keep a special eye on our children, just to make sure they have a happy lunchtime and enjoy their food and playtime.


Our Unit has large working areas with freeflow access to the outdoors. The children choose how to spend their activity time, moving freely between a range of learning areas.  These are updated regularly to link to our Topics and match the children's current needs and interests. Some areas that we have developed are the home corner, construction areas, small world area, come and make, painting, writing areas, investigation trays, sand, water and playdough.  There is always something fun, exciting and engaging to do!

The children also develop their learning and understanding in our daily outdoor sessions, exploring the Jungle Garden, growing Garden and outdoor play area and resources.


We have a "snack stop" where the children can have some fruit and a drink of milk or water any time they feel hungry or thirsty. We are really lucky to have access to our own purpose built toilets, which we all use independently.


We have weekly challenges linked to our topic where the children can take part in more directed learning to show off their developing skills and knowledge across the curriculum. We use different approaches, resources and materials to make learning engaging and the children all love to be a "Challenge Champion" and show of their fantastic work!


The children take part in daily focused phonics and maths sessions and enjoy guided reading and writing sessions. They also have time to explore our unit independently during activity sessions, having fun, working together and enjoying learning both indoors and out!


We display and celebrate our learning and achievements in school within the reception unit.  We know that learning does not just take place in school but at home and at all of the places we visit when we are not at school. Our teachers LOVE it when we bring things in to share from home. They learn so much more about us and what we can do!  Our learning experiences mean a lot to us and our families and we enjoy sharing them through our 'Learning Journey' books! Teachers, parents, visitors and children all enjoy looking at and sharing the learning we have done both inside and outside of school!