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Brunswick SchoolThe Future Begins Here..

Welcome toBrunswick SchoolThe Future Begins Here..


Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Brunswick.

We are so pleased you have taken the time to consider Brunswick Infant School for your child. This is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.            

At Brunswick we always try our best, we care for everyone and work hard to meet the needs of all our children whatever their skills, talents, difficulties or special needs.

We provide a loving, caring environment that will nurture all children along their learning journey. Our school is continually improving and one of our key strengths is our pastoral care. We promote pupils’ independence through self-assessment and our ‘teach to the top’ approach. We want all our pupils to be confident and self-motivated with a desire to be the best they can be.

With kind regards.


Jackie Bennett & Jan Osborne

Co-Chair of Governors


Ofsted January 2018

Governors have the pupils’ needs at the heart of all they do. Governors are well informed and provide effective challenge to leaders, holding them fully to account for their actions.”


“The governing body offers strong support to the school and holds senior leaders to account for the impact of their work. Governors are passionate about their roles and are ambitious for the school. They have a wide range of relevant skills and experience. Their skills have been further enhanced with suitable training.”




Mrs Jackie Bennett  & Mrs Jan Osborne - Co-Chairs of Governors (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Gillian Slessor - Vice Chair of Governors - Co-opted Governor (appointed by Governing Body)

Mr Pierre Crubilier - Associate member (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Sam Waugh - Head Teacher - Governor (Ex-Officio)

Mrs Amanda Henderson - Assistant Head Teacher - Co-opted Governor (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Jan Osborne - Co-opted Governor (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Anne Marie Melling  - Co-opted Governor (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Moira Angel - Co-opted Governor (appointed by Governing Body)

Mrs Jen Percival - Staff Governor (elected by staff)

Mr Karl Collinson - Co-opted Governor (elected by Governing Body)

Mr John Davis - Parent Governor (elected by parent community)

Mrs Vicky Jenner - Parent Governor (elected by parent community)

Mrs Catherine Eccles - Parent Governor (elected by parent community)

Mrs Sarah Brennand - Parent Governor (elected by parent community)

Mrs Bernadette Gallagher - Parent Governor (elected by parent community)

Mrs Jackie Bennett - Local Authority Governor (appointed by Local Authority)

Vacancy - Co-opted Governor  (appointed by Governing Body)


All Governors are elected / appointed for a term of four years


Mrs Elaine Scott-Collins / Mrs Jane Jay - Business Support Lead

The Business Support Lead is an associate member of the Resources and Safeguarding Committee


Siobhan Beck - Clerk to the Governors


The Clerk to the Governors, or any member of the Governing Body, can be contacted via the school office or by emailing 


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For current details regarding the Governing Body please click on the links below