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Tex's Team

Welcome to Tex's Team!


We are a Year 2 class. Tex is our class mascot. He is an adorable Husky that every member of Tex's Team loves. He often sets us exciting activities so we always need our resilience rucksacks at the ready.


Our days are very busy, filled with English, Phonics and Mathematics. We have been working hard each day in all of our lessons, trying our best and giving a helping hand when our friends need one. We love engaging in the foundation subjects as well for example we will be 'Mini Explorers' for Geography, study 'Claude Monet's Landscapes' in Art and look at 'Living Things and their Habitats' in Science.

During all sessions we have the opportunity to be a 'Master' and get to wear a Mastery sticker when we show our understanding and knowledge of a skill or concept correctly e.g. how to write the 5 times table or sorting words into nouns and adjectives. We also use what we know to give a helping hand to other children in the class too. We also take part in P.E sessions each Wednesday and Friday, working on team games and developing our skills.  


All the children in Tex's Team learn best when their learning is real, relevant and fun. In the classroom we are very lucky to have the 'continuous provision ' which we call the Mastery Areas. For example 'Paint Mastery area' and 'Computing Mastery area'. In these areas we are able show our grown ups what we know in many different ways, exploring and practising new learning skills independently and practically ensuring all the skills and strategies we put into our rucksack are embedded. E.g. working out Croc's worded 5 times tables problems or writing nouns and adjectives to describe a picture or object we have painted. 


Thank you for taking the time to look at our page!